To have a formal introduction, at first, seems counter-intuitive to the project and outlining an intro is particularly difficult, to be truly honest. The Wild Hunt magazine should be enigmatic at times and without conclusive endings. Nothing should be tied up neatly. 

But too much mystery might throw up an opaque hurdle for those interested in submitting work.

This is an online literary magazine whose aim is to feature new writings (fiction and non-fiction) that delve into the world of the weird, surreal, the other, the speculative, the magical. Strange places and times are not off limits, and fairies, witches, and other folklore creatures are most certainly welcome. Ghosts, ghouls, and horror are encouraged, and even an uncanny sense or happening is something to look forward to. We love world building, imaginary or otherwise. Never shy away from a good adventure tale, either. 

The Wild Hunt magazine is looking for fiction and non-fiction (and artwork). If you would like further information about the magazine, jump over to the About page. If you would like to submit, please take a gander at the Submissions Guidelines.

If you're still unsure after this introduction, ask yourself what is in the dark, dark forest? If you want to know, you've come to the right place.


The Wild Hunt magazine is edited by Ariell Cacciola and Alexandria Gryder.