There is a podcast boom right now and they are the perfect venue to deliver both standalone and serialized bits of eerie entertainment. Here are some of our favorites.


The Lore podcast hosted by author Aaron Mahnke is incredibly engrossing. Each bi-weekly episode taps into a common theme or a specific story. He doesn't necessarily state if the lore is true, but rather narrates origins and evolutions of stories we know or are new to listeners. The episodes run around 20 minutes and are brimming with the mysterious, eerie, and uncanny.

It's wise to have a few episodes of The Black Tapes podcast backlogged as you'll want to binge right through them. A journalist investigating a noted skeptic comes across his cache of "unsolved" cases know as the black tapes. As she attempts to uncover the truth of the strange happenings, the mystery of the man himself unravels.

Tanis is brought to you by the same people who make The Black Tapes podcast. In a way it's wrapped up and involved in the same world, but the mystery is different. A few of the same characters pop up in each, so it's a nice compliment to Tanis to also listen to TBT. This show is a bit more enigmatic both as a series and the information the producers release about it. According to the description for episode one: "[O]ur host, Nic Silver, wonders if the Internet age might contain one last great mystery, an ancient myth known as 'Tanis.' His exploration into the enigmatic Tanis begins by asking the seemingly simple question, what is it? The answers, he soon discovers, are far more complicated." Odd Craigslists ads pop up, along with strange cults and unknown manuscripts.

The question is what happened to over three hundred people living in the obscure Limetown. Told in the style of a National Public Radio report, this seven-part series leads the listener through a winding search for the answers to what happened to the secretive scientific research facility and what it was they were really developing.

Seemingly inspired by the wow! signal, the science fiction podcast The Message follows the case of a college student as she investigates an eerie sound recording from space received over half a century ago. The sound makes certain listeners fatally ill. A team of cryptologists are also trying to suss out the origin and meaning of the message, but there is something far more sinister happening.