This week saw the publication of our second story; one that left Alex and I both with a lingering feeling of uncertainty, an uncanny quality that we both enjoyed.

To explain exactly what Ron Burch's Bunny Museum is about would be complicated and entirely unnecessary. What struck us was how the story wasn't completely knowable. We read through submissions a few times before deciding on whether to accept them or not. We also try not to give our opinion away before the other has a chance to read it.

We've both read through it multiple times. We didn't try to make sense of the actuality of the plot: the mystery, strong writing, and overall atmosphere that Ron created was what ultimately led us to publish the story.

Not all stories are meant to have tidy endings. Because of the enigmatic quality of Bunny Museum, Alex and I were compelled to read it a handful of times, each time leaving us with an unsteady feeling and the story lingering in our minds. This is, perhaps, the greatest compliment that can be given to a work.