Congratulations to Wild Hunt contributor Christopher DeWan, who had his book of stories released on September 22. The book is filled with imaginative and terrifying short stories and flash fiction of fabulist origins.

His storiesinspired by fairy tales, folklore, and modern lifeare fantastical and curious. They are unexpected in the best sense of the word. In the titular story, "Hoopty Time Machine," a character is whisked away and assumed to be in another time or world, and DeWan's stories must be that place. The reader is dropped into flipped fairy tales, apocalyptic Omega Man scenarios, and scary stories that are best read late at night.

One story, "The Interview," ends with spine-chilling last words:


Since you don’t know what’s inside, there is no way to be ready, and it would be foolish to be scared. I don’t know, you tell her, as you step into the darkness toward the monster.

Rereading the above quote only emphasizes the mission and artistic motivation of the collection as a whole. Be warned, reader, there is danger here and you will certainly welcome it.


In March 2016, we published "The Trolls," a short story featured in this collection. At the end of the book, there is an author's note on origins, where DeWan states of the story:

I remember running into some Scandinavian folk tales about trolls moving into houses, eating the people who lived there, and taking over their lives...The young man in this story is convinced trolls have moved into his childhood home—but no one else seems to think anything weird is going on...

You can get a taste of this collection by reading "The Trolls" on The Wild Hunt and then go nab a copy of the entire collection.