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We have a very occasional newsletter that we would like to point you to. Over the weekend, we temporarily closed submissions for the first time because we have happily received so many we’ve been unable to meet our 90 day reading period deadline we set for our submission queue. This delayed our call for our second theme issue, and much delayed reading and responses to writers who submitted to our rolling submissions. So we closed it.

It will re-open and we will shortly be announcing our second issue theme. However, this information will be available to newsletter subscribers first. So why don’t you pop over to our sign up page? Our newsletter is sent out very occasionally (a few times a year) and you always have the option to unsubscribe. We don’t use your contact info for any other reason.



Status of Submissions

Closed for submissions

Closed for Submissions

We are temporarily closing submissions as we have happily received a load more than normal these past few months (hurrah!). However, because of that, we have not been able to keep up with our usual 90 day reading period. So, temporarily we have closed the submission window to let us play catch and plan for our overdue call for submissions for our theme issue which is currently being organized.

Keep an eye on this space for when we re-open submissions and for when we put out our theme issue call, but those on the newsletter list will receive advance notice.* For writers still waiting a response from us for your outstanding submissions, your stories are still in our reading queue. Please accept our sincerest belated apologies.

If you would like to withdraw from consideration, we completely understand, but we do hope you continue to let us consider your submissions. However, if you would like it removed please email us at wildhuntmag [at] gmail [.] com.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any more questions.

Best regards,

The Editors

*If you’d like to subscribe to our newsletter, please sign up here.


Sneak Peek of Theme Issue One: Editor's Note


Sneak Peek of Theme Issue One: Editor's Note

header image_1.jpg

Editor’s Note

What does lurk on the very edge of the wood? Not simply cloaked in complete darkness of the deep, menacing heart of the forest. Nor safe in our beds. No, we wanted to know what slinks in the corners, moving through the blending of two worlds with both light and darkness.

We were a bit nervous to throw out the idea of our first theme issue. Firstly, we have never done an issue before. Would we be alone in our interest? Would we be standing between two places wondering where everyone else was? Our fears were tempered when we began seeing so many enthusiastic and creative submissions come through during the reading period.

From our original call for submissions, each of these six writers has interpreted the question in their own imaginative way. Whether the story is pulsing with the Weird, adventure, horror or the unknown, you’ll certainly have trouble picking a favourite.

*Theme Issue One will release on Monday, 17th of December



Announcing First Theme Issues

forest trees2.jpg

Theme Issue:

what is on the very edge of the wood?

We are actively seeking submissions of both fiction and flash fiction for our very first themed issue. The theme is what is on the very edge of the wood? There are many stories about venturing into the deep, dark wood, but what is it that's right on the very edge. Interpret that however you wish!

Submissions close the 1st of November 2018.

To submit, please visit the theme submission page.


New Releases from WHM Contributors


New Releases from WHM Contributors

We are excited to report that two of our contributors--Helen McClory and Gwendolyn Kiste--have books published this month. Helen follows up her 2015 story collection On The Edges of Vision with the new and anticipated novel Flesh of the Peach. Gwendolyn continues with her imaginative and stark stories collected together in And Her Smile Will Untether the Universe

* Read in The Wild Hunt *

Helen McClory's Lore

Gwendolyn Kiste's All the Hippies Are Dying