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Halloween Reads 2016


Halloween Reads 2016

“Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see.” 

- Edgar Allan Poe

We're digging through the archives to handpick a few eerie stories to get you in the mood for autumn (we think the above Poe quote does an excellent job summing up our feelings about many of our stories!). Leading up to Halloween, we are featuring one story per day on our Twitter account, which includes a bespoke bit of teaser art for each story. We have flash fiction and short stories lined up. They run the gamut of horror, folklore, fantasy, and just plain weird. Also, we're giving you a sneak peek below of next week's new short story that will release on Wednesday, November 2. 

Shall I Thrown It Down

by Boggy

 “Shall I throw it down?” asked a monotone drone above us.

“Go ahead,” shouted Mr. Monofilio into the dark gape. Metal scraped against metal and a heap of rubbish crashed at the base of the furnace. Someone had hung a cardboard sign reading “toasty fireplace” next to a large white button with a faded “ignite” printed on it. The sign must have been a sort of in-joke between the last person to work here and his imaginary friend. The rubbish contained loose needles, bags of blood, and jars of who-knows-what organs. There were stained scrubs, bandages, and a hospital gown holding the mass together like a ribbon on a present.

“After you check to make sure everything is in order, you press the big button,” Mr. Monofilio explained, “and whoosh!” A white fire engulfed the medical waste. The syringes melted, the bags of blood popped and red liquid boiled. The cloth disappeared almost instantly. I turned away, afraid to damage my eyes. When I looked back, there were only ashes and small scraps of charred metal in the fireplace.

“Check to make sure everything’s good and burned, and then wait for our electronic friend…”

“Shall I throw it down?” the voice from above us asked, indifferently.