Even though it should be #MysteryWeek every week, the first week of May has been designated by Goodreads as the time of celebration for all things mystery, crime, and thrills. Below are three recent or forthcoming recommendations to pique your interest.

Kill the Next One by Argentine writer Federico Axat is loopy, tangled, and never what you expect. When Ted McKay, a man diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, is about to shoot himself in the head, he receives a knock at the door. An enigmatic man with a deadly proposition entangles Ted in a bizarre labyrinth involving murder, possible murder, and mysterious players. The novel is impressive and will appeal to fans of Patricia Highsmith, Hitchcock, and the film Inception. True crime has never been so good as it is in David Grann's Killers of the Flower Moon. Over his career, journalist Grann has a knack for finding obscure stories and digging in, ending with an article or book that is literary and compulsive. It's best not to Google anything about this book and simply let the story run over you. Killers of the Flower Moon delves in to a part of forgotten American history that encompasses the beginnings of the FBI and the baffling systematic serial murders of the Osage tribe in Oklahoma. It is so unbelievable, it has to be true. With her second novel The Child, Fiona Barton continues with more unreliable narrators and tightly held secrets. When an old London building is demolished, the skeletal remains of a baby are discovered on the dig site. A journalist makes it her mission to find out what had happened with long-held secrets and heartbreak being hauled to the surface. Like in her debut The Widow, Barton is an exciting new mystery/thriller writer. 

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