The editors of The Wild Hunt serve up a handful of their current reads. Have you read any of these titles? What is on your To Be Read list?



"I am happy to report that my months' long reading slump is no more. Not only am I happy for this, but the books I've most recently delved into have been beneficial to a writing project I'm currently working one."

THE HIKE This book is new and bizarre and strange right from the beginning. I'm not that far in (just a few chapters), but weird occurrences and strange creatures get you by page 10. I'm not sure where this book will take me and I'm trying to avoid any reviews or spoilers. I'm a sucker for books that investigate what happens and lives in the dark, dark forest as it swallows us up whole. 

THE WHITE FOREST A few week's ago, I put out a Twitter call to the excellent followers of #FolkloreThursday. I needed some witchy reads and they came to the rescue with a slew of recommendations. I was adding them to Goodreads, when some unknown algorithm further recommended The White Forest. Gothic undertones, a nineteenth century spiritualist cult, and a current of supernatural check off so many things that I love. 

MONSTROUS BEAUTY I'm working on what I call a "sea story." The simmering horror of what lies beneath. It reminds me of watery monsters and the even scarier ones that live on land. Besides this, I was also looking for books that have beautiful and lush prose. This book has just that. The author can take a stunning sentence--which gives a false sense of security--and immediately throws a horrible and carnal moment at the reader. I'm always impressed when the monster is shown as an enigmatic beauty, but is really a sharp-toothed creature.



"My TBR shelf is getting a little crowded, so I’ve decided to do the right thing and take off a few stories that I’ve been excited about for a while now."  

THE GRAVEYARD BOOK I read Neil Gaiman’s Newberry acceptance speech for The Graveyard Book a few months ago at work, and I did my very best to pull myself together before anyone surprised me at my desk. I picked up my own copy a few weeks later and, I must admit, I’m upset with myself for impulsively purchasing it in the bookstore without researching the covers beforehand. This edition is by far my favorite. I’m excited to finally read about Bod, and I’m even more thrilled to see some of my favorite quotes in the correct context. I’m sure it will not disappoint!  

THE WICKED + THE DIVINE Last month, I read the brilliant and hilarious Rat Queens, which was recommended to me by my good friend, Alison, who also recommended The Wicked + The Divine. Alison hasn’t steered me wrong in the book department, so I’m really thrilled about starting this series and adding to my graphic novel collection.  

THE ANATOMY OF BEING My friend surprised me with Shinji Moon’s book of poetry over the holidays last year after I stumbled across a quote and fell in love. I’m not an expert on poetry (barely a novice), but I do love the way it can make me feel. I can’t wait to see what these words do for me.  


Alexandria Gryder and Ariell Cacciola are the editors of The Wild Hunt