The editors of The Wild Hunt serve up a handful of their current reads. Have you read any of these titles? What is on your To Be Read list?


"I've been traveling for a bit, so my reading choices have been slim lately. But slowly getting back into the game."

THE TERROR In need of a good book traveling companion, I found The Terror at a used bookshop for a mere 80 cents, which is pretty fantastic considering the book is more than 900 pages. Something strange is afoot on the arctic ice and the melding of a real historical nautical misadventure is what really turned me on to the book. I am an absolute lover of all things maritime-past and believe that I was surely meant to be more seafaring than I am in my actual life. I can't seem to figure out what the supernatural terror is that picks off the men of the doomed voyage. No spoilers.

ON MURDER CONSIDERED AS ONE OF THE FINE ARTS On a recent trip to Edinburgh, I walked into a cemetery and unbeknownst to me, Thomas De Quincey was buried there. As a fan of his Confessions of an English Opium Eater, I've always been eager to read this other famous work of the author. So, when I stumbled upon his grave, I got the genius idea to pick up a small Penguin copy. I have no excuse anymore to put it off and as I am trying to add more classics into my reading diet, De Quincey is an excellent place to start.



"A little bit of magic and reality for me this month when it comes to my books."

MY LADY JANE There are times when I can quietly finish an adventure and place it on my bookshelf, and then there are times when a story just sits on my bedside table for a handful of days after it is over. I'm not quite ready to put My Lady Jane on a shelf, and it has everything to do with how much it surprised me. Things happen quite quickly in this fantastic retelling of Lady Jane Grey's story: King Edward is dying (he’s terribly depressed over this) and Jane just found out her husband is a horse (call him ‘G’, please). Girls are wearing pants (the horror!) and ruling kingdoms. And during all of this you, dear reader, are falling more and more in love and wishing that history could be rewritten for these characters.

I rarely laugh out loud while reading (you are much more likely to find me crying over a book) but could not help the smiles that broke free because of each page. My Lady Jane was lovely and daring and fun, and I just want everyone I know to read this.

DOWN CITY I’ll be spending the last week of June in Rhode Island and feel that there is no better time than now to begin this story. I purchased Down City a few weeks ago and am looking forward to Leah Carroll’s words but also know this one will be a difficult read. Her memoir is centered around her mother’s murder and the questions she has surrounding it – who were her parents, who was her mother, who was the man who killed her? Leah explores these questions while also searching for her own identity. I’m eager to learn more about Leah and her family while reading this and grateful this story is being shared with the world.  



Ariell Cacciola and Alexandria Gryder are the editors of The Wild Hunt